Adoption Process & Policies


Please note: We are volunteer FOSTER HOME-BASED, located in Cumberland & Moore County NC and surrounding areas. We do NOT have a facility where you can come meet the dogs. Please ALLOW at least 2 weeks for the adoption process to become finalized. We have worked diligently for FREE to make this process easier on everyone involved in the safest way possible. 


Adoption events are not being held yet until we get a grip on what is going on with COVID. We do meet and greets once the applications are approved to save everyone's time and energy. You MUST wear a mask if meeting one of our volunteers and we encourage our volunteers to wear a mask, also. We work one-on-one with each APPROVED applicant to match the right dog to the right family. Our adoption process is very thorough. We take pride in our Underdogs and take your and the dog's best fit in mind.

​The adoption process shortened:

1. Prospective adopters complete the online application (click --> HERE) .  **we are now requiring fosters and adopters to understand what a 2 Week Shutdown means - fill that out here

2.The application is reviewed by 4on volunteers & references are checked (yes we really do call your references). 

3. If references say positive things: A virtual home visit/interview will be conducted by one of the directors of 4on or a volunteer to review your home and outside property. If your house is not safe for a dog, we will make recommendations and will have you submit new pictures proving the issues have been fixed before the dog can permanently stay with you. 


4.If you have been contacted after the home visit, well, Hurrah! You are most likely approved. If there is a dog looking for adoption you are interested in and meets your lifestyle, a "meet and greet" will be arranged. This is typically a short meeting to see how the dog interacts with you and your family and very importantly, with any of your other pets. We recommend ALL members of the family are present, unless we are doing multiple meet and greets. 


5.1 If we are happy with the results of the meet and greet and the applicant is also interested in proceeding, we proceed with the adoption with a range of options (please inquire).


5.2. We can send you a short list of "must haves" if needed. For example, you usually MUST have a crate ready for the dog - appropriate for the dogs size, a vet set up, and pre-read the simple dog body language/infographics we supply.


6. Adoption finalization requires the completion of the adoption contract and payment of the adoption donation.

  • The adoption donation differs based on age and medical requirements of the dog. Fees are posted for each dog on their profile normally. This fee includes all age-appropriate basic vaccinations, spay/neuter, lifetime registration of the microchip and the actual microchip cost, flea/tick prevention, HEARTWORM preventative, leash, collar, and a front clip harness(if we have in stock).

7. Once Adoption is finalized and the dog is back at your home we will team you up with an adoption coordinator who will be there for any advice and you will be invited to our Facebook adoption support group!  


**NOTICE**--> We will begin to offer a "decompression" support system with our trainer for your family to easily transition BEFORE bringing the dog home, and during the first two weeks. This will be an extra cost of $70.00 onto the adoption donation (a $450.00 value). Please make sure you let us know if you are interested in the support! 


Please Consider These Notes:

           ALL CURRENTLY Available dogs click"Meet the Underdogs"

           -->4on is always in the process of rescuing and vetting dogs.  If there are not currently any dogs that you are interested              in you can still apply and go through the approval process and we will look for your perfect match.


-->4on works to place each dog in a situation and environment that is determined to be best for that dog. While you may feel an affinity for a specific dog- he or she may not be the best fit for your lifestyle. 


-->If issues were to arise after the adoption is completed, 4on will work with you to provide suggestions and resources to ease the transition of your new pet into your home.


-->As part of the adoption finalization contract, you agree to return the dog to 4on if for any reason you cannot fulfill the commitment for which you have agreed to. As stated in the adoption contract, TRAINING IS NOT AN OPTION, BUT MANDATORY. 4on requires you to meet with a trainer at your cost,  should you have cause to return a dog. 

-->4on is a registered 501c3 nonprofit and adoption donations go toward running the rescue, vetting the dogs and providing one-on-one matching services. The adoption fee may be tax-deductible.

-->If there are questions or concerns, 4on volunteers and directors will work with you to address and offer guidance on any issues. If you would like further guidance down the road you may join our facebook group to ask other fosters and volunteers advice, as well as, one of our trainers if one is available. After the adoption is finalized, it is YOUR responsibility to train your new companion at your own cost and to MAKE CERTAIN that the trainer uses FORCE/FEAR FREE methods. 

We give preference to best-fit adopters within 20-50 miles of Moore and Cumberland County. We normally do NOT adopt to homes more than 100 miles from Fayetteville, NC unless special arrangements are made. We will try to accommodate as much as we can-- but we must be fair to the dogs.  Transport will be paid by the ADOPTER(S) if necessary.

RENTERS: 4on will require a letter from your landlord or a copy of your lease showing permission to have a dog before your application will be considered further & for any breed restrictions.

HOME OWNERS: We WILL require proof from your HOA agreement, or insurance that you are allowed to own certain breeds. 

MILITARY FAMILIES or FAMILIES THAT TRAVEL OFTEN: You MUST have a back-up plan in place BEFORE adoption is finalized and send us proof and contact information of who would be involved in the back-up plan. 


Any questions please email