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Less than 2 hours left in 2021!! We have so many goals to meet and so little time!!

Could you take some time to share our donation link to see how many $1, $5 , or more donations that could come in before the start of 2022?!?

Astro the dobie mix needs 1100 for his Board and Train (he will be getting in tip top behavioral shape and his foster or adopter will get a free lesson to help him transition successfully!)

LeoLemon the handicapped chiweenie needs $350 raised for his adoption fee! (We'd love to raise this money since the adopter was recently injured and this would be an amazing gift to her and her lovely family to start the New Year!!)

Daisy the purebred miniature Dachshund needs over $1500 for ultrasounds, xrays, teeth extractions, and cardiologist feedback due to a heart murmur and potential surgery risk for infected teeth and gums!!!

Here are the ways you can donate or raise money:

Venmo: @Underdogs CashApp: $4OurUnderdogs PayPal (sends automatic tax donation letter and you can use any of your cards to do it!!): https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=SU28LB3JDK2VC

Facebook Fundraise, Fundraise with your local shops, and much more!!

Other ways: FOURon.org/support-us

Check out our new mailing address if you prefer to mail checks or money orders.

For Daisy you could call Longleaf Animal Hospital in Southern Pines to donate once they open on Monday, but we cannot write a tax donation receipt for it!

It's been one heck of a year and we hope all of the Underdogs are soundly asleep during the fireworks and the new year brings lots of joy and prosperity to their humans!! Thank you for your continued support and compassion for the Underdogs out there.


Britt H., Sara F., and Briana D.

4ON Presidents

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Greetings Underdogs!~


As you know, 2021 has been a challenging year for many adoption groups as the number of “Covid pups” being returned to shelters and rescues continues to rise. The need for donations has become crucial and 2 Hounds Design has an end of the year special to help us!!

The program is called #DonateDecember.

Please take advantage of this program if you are in need of a new harness! Please also remember that the back clip is a martingale and you may have to adjust as needed for the most comfort!

Purchase 3, 2Hounds donates 4

Purchase 6, 2Hounds donates 7

For every order placed, 4 Our Underdogs will receive an entry in the drawing for a $250 gift card which can be used for supplies, food, or anything else you may need.

As a way to thank 2Hounds supporters, when they purchase through this program, they will receive $15 off their next order!

#DonateDecember Freedom Harness and Training Leashes


#DonateDecember Collars and Leashes


Thank you so much for your support!!



Raise money by buying tickets for upcoming games with this link below:


Please share !