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As you may have noticed things are getting busier. We have less foster homes than we’ve ever had before and we are getting requests left and right to help shelters and owners rehome their dogs. We NEED your help. Don’t feel helpless! Here are things you can do:

If you can’t foster, please volunteer your time,

If you don’t have time, please donate resources,

If you don’t have many resources, please simply share!

We have a dedication to the Underdogs within our community. People are having “accidental” litters left and right and dumping puppies at shelters. Sulli, a pyrenees mix, was TIED to the shelter entrance…. He needs a foster-to- adopt family that has another dog to teach him manners since he was separated from his mom and siblings likely too early. He is going to be a BIG dog.

We also have 7 incoming puppies who are barely 7 weeks old, and look to have never had a loving hand before. The owner did not want to fix the mom…4 males and 3 females will be medium sized dogs likely! Fosters MUST have at least 2 puppies at a time until 12 weeks old (one more month!) to make sure they are behaviorally sound.

These puppies will need some TLC, teething supplies, enrichment play area, washable puppy pads, odoban or virex cleaner, fake turf, their own individual crates as they grow, SO MUCH vet care (dewormer, puppy vaccines, exams, etc). Please go to this mom and pop website and order from our wishlist ASAP: https://lagoonpetproducts.com/collections/4on/puppy#MainContent

If you prefer to shop on Chewy or Amazon Smile please let us know below and we will do our best to get you the wishlists.

If you are local to the Sandhills NC area, the following items would be SO VERY appreciated to allow these puppies to have an enriching time before going to foster to adopt families:

Teething supplies, puppy wet food, puppy dry food, soft toys of different colors, puppy kongs or toppls, soft blankets, towels, rags, washable potty pads, funds for dewormer and vet care, puppy play pens, individual crates, puppy treats, baby gates or play pens, stuffed animals!

If you are a previous adopter or previous foster who is looking for another pup (young or old!) please just PM us, email us at contact@fouron.org, text us at 910-227-9060, and let us know you are interested. If you have not adopted from us prior or fostered for us prior, it is a thorough process to ensure the dogs will be taken care of properly and you are prepared for success.

We wanted to share this information to all of our followers.


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