Free April 2021 Virtual Dog Training Event!

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Sign up for the FREE Masterclass Series: "Kind & Effective Training Methods for “Naughty” Dogs"April 19th-May 2nd, 2021​

Dr Holly Tett has brought together 20+ top experts for this complimentary masterclass training series on how to understand, connect with and train your dog, in a force-free and effective way.

And you can get access to all of it by clicking the link here:

If you’re anything like us, then your dog means the world to you. So, you want them to have a happy, stress-free life with as much freedom as possible. Give them the freedom to:

  • run off lead (where allowed of course!)

  • be loose in your home without fear for your furniture

  • be left alone without anxiety

  • explore the world knowing they can come back to you and feel safe

That’s what the right training can do for your dog.

It’s not always easy to crack that training the first time though and that’s when we can feel disheartened, demotivated or like there’s no point in carrying on with it.

We hate to see dog owners feel like this because there is always another way. It’s not one size fits all when it comes to training and loving a dog.

That’s why we are so excited for Kind & Effective Training Methods for “Naughty” Dogs. It’s 14 days straight of rock solid training knowhow, strategies and tips from some of the best in the business. And it’s there for you and your dog.

It’s free, but you have to save your seat to get access. Claim your ticket to the online event here. [April 19th-May 2nd, 2021 VIRTUAL FREE]

P.S. The speaker list for this event is crazy good so make sure you go and check out the registration page to see for yourself!

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