Freya's Journey - Fostering after Surgery..

If you can recall sweet Freya, she was an underdog in every aspect of the word. She was the gorgeous sweet adult dog no-one wanted at the shelter although she only had health against her. She was heartworm positive, had multiple masses on her side, and was just so sad after living an abused overbred life.

Here is what her foster to adopt family human sister wrote in the beginning:

"We were hesitant at first with Freya when we heard she was a pitbull mix because of the bad fame they carry but FourOn was right, she’s one of the sweetest, caring dogs I’ve ever met. It’s now going to be about a month of fostering her and she’s adjusted quite well. When we first got her she was excited and all over the place adjusting to her new environment but still reserved. We had to make sure she stayed calm because she had recently gotten spayed and surgery removal for a lump on her side. As the days went by she started showing herself more by letting out her first bark (more like a howl) and being playful. She loves to take walks and take naps with you and of course eating treats are her all time favorite. We’re still technically fostering her because we can’t officially adopt her until she’s completed her heartworm treatment. She takes pills twice a day for it and will be treated soon. She usually sleeps in her own bed in my room or in her crate.

Spanish Translation below

Al principio dudamos con Freya cuando oímos que era una mezcla de pitbull debido a la mala fama que llevan, pero FourOn tenía razón, es uno de los perros más dulces y cariñosos que he conocido. Ahora va a pasar cerca de un mes para fomentarla y se ha adaptado bastante bien. Cuando la encontramos por primera vez, estaba emocionada y se estaba adaptando a su nuevo entorno pero aún reservada. Teníamos que asegurarnos de que se mantuviera en calma porque recientemente había sido esterilizada y la extirpación de la cirugía por un bulto en su costado. A medida que pasaban los días, comenzó a mostrarse más soltando su primer ladrido (más como un aullido) y siendo juguetona. Le encanta pasear y tomar siestas contigo y, por supuesto, comer golosinas es su favorito de todos los tiempos. Todavía la estamos fomentando técnicamente porque no podemos adoptarla oficialmente hasta que sea negativa del parásito del corazón. Ella toma píldoras dos veces al día y pronto se hará la prueba. Suele dormir en su propia cama en mi habitación o en su jaula"

Look out for an adoption update!

Freya is now adopted, completed heartworm treatment, and in love with her new forever family that gave her the cape of a lifetime. Shout out to her trainer/foster during the weeks and days leading up to and following surgeries/recovery, you know who you are ;)

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