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Foster & Adopter Trainers

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Free to Be Dog Training
Tiffany Score

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In person, non-profit dog training in the Sandhills, NC. Group training classes at 

If you'd like to sponsor an Underdog you can! In person in-home training or learn in the new training facility and 1:1 in Aberdeen, NC. 


Total Pet Training
Rebecca Gridley

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Rebecca helps train multi-species homes, helps rehab working breeds and breeds with high prey drive.

She offers 1:1 training sessions virtually unless in the Raleigh, NC area. She also offers a decompression session virtually before or after getting your Underdog home for a discounted price of 75$! 


R+ Dogs
Renee Rhoades

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While Renee is physically based on the Isle of Wight in the UK she works with clients all over the globe. Renee specializes in Puppy and Adolescent Coaching, Aggression and Reactivity and Resource Guarding. If you have adopted an Underdog there is an option to do a 5-week bonding and training group class with R Plus Dogs via Zoom link to help make bringing home your Underdog successful and enriching! (The first group said it was SO much fun!)

Trainers in Specialty Fields (Affiliates)

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Pooch Parenting

Michelle and her team help prepare families to be successful for adding new babies and new dogs to their family. Our affiliate links allow us to receive funds with your discounted training package. 


Grisha Stewart

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Grisha Stewart has a world renowned training.

If you have adopted through us please email us or message us to get your coupon code to receive 2 free weeks of access to the Student Essentials bundle of courses. *coming soon*

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or an affiliate please email

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